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Testing Multiple Networks
Testing Multiple Networks

How to set up and test multiple networks on a sensor

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This can be done in settings.

  • The networks will first need to be added to the dashboard via settings>wired or wireless.

  • Here one can add a wired or wireless network to be tested.

  • Once added the user then needs to go to the settings>sensors page to add this config to the sensor.

  • On the sensor config page, click "Add Sensor" or edit an existing sensor config.

  • Up to 4 networks (wired & wireless) can be added to a sensor to test.

How many networks can the sensor test?

A maximum of 4 networks can be tested. The sensor tests each network independently one after the other. The sensor will disassociate from one network, associate with the next network, and run the full set of tests.

You can request to test more than 4 networks by submitting a support request through the UXI Support team by emailing or using a chat bubble. However, we do not recommend configuring more than 4 networks on the sensor.

Note: We recommend only 4 networks to be tested by sensor and if you have more than 4 networks then please deploy more sensors and distribute multiple network testing across the fleet of sensors. If more networks are tested by sensor you will see more gaps in the test results charts and will not be able to perform meaningful baselining from the test results. Also, we will not be able to support the cases saying "sensor says it is offline".

โ€‹Learn how to configure different tests for different networks and groups of sensors.

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