Muting / Ignoring Errors
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There are a few ways you can mute issues:

  • Directly on the main dashboard page by hovering over the title of the entity you'd like to mute, and clicking the bell icon.

  • A banner at the top of the page will appear explaining what was muted. You can click on this banner to edit the mute details (such as what sensors it applies to and the duration).

  • Mutes can also be accessed from the settings pages under Alerts > Notifications

  • Here you can add/edit/delete all mutes

Here you can add Mute for sensor, network, network feature, and internal and external test.


  • The mutes are company-wide (and not user-specific).

  • There is no way to mute the incident and it does not affect the incident creation process.

  • You will still get the issues via the data push destination feature even if the sensor or network or internal/external application is muted.

  • For non-incident detection customers with the mute on, do not receive any alerts for the issues.

  • We are currently enhancing this feature.

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