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Captive Portal Setup

How to set up a captive portal

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In order for a sensor to test a captive portal, a recording of user actions required to navigate the portal must be provided to the Aruba UXI support team.
Before starting make sure that you have configured the SSID on the dashboard and have assigned the SSID to one or more sensors.
To correctly configure a captive portal, support will need the following details:

  • An Aruba Recorder output (.fside) file.

  • The SSID for which the Captive Portal is for.

  • The sensor serial(s).


If your captive portal requires login credentials, please create a service account specifically for the sensors to test. Using personal credentials is not recommended.

The process to record user actions is as follows:

  1. Install the Aruba Recorder tool from the Chrome Web Store

  2. Make sure you are connected to the correct WiFi SSID, but not authenticated to the portal

  3. Open Chrome

  4. Click on the Aruba Recorder extension icon (the green smiley face)

  5. Click the Record button, which will open a new window and show the captive portal

  6. Log in to the captive portal

  7. Click the Aruba Recorder extension icon again, and click the Stop button

  8. Find the side-recording.json file in your downloads

    1. To make sure that you have recorded the interaction correctly you can open the file and check if commands like click, type, etc. are recorded under the "Commands" section. If it's empty then you will need to record it again. Example output:

      "id": "cfcfdf76-48a4-4cc0-8655-3c0f8b3d9879",
      "name": "Captive Portal Test",
      "commands": [
      "command": "click",
      "target": "id=email_field",
      "targets": [

Lastly, you will need to contact and include the sensor serial, the name of the SSID, and the recording output file.

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