The sensor has two LED lights, one for Status and one to indicate if the device is powered (rear of sensor).
The status LED can be seen on the right side of the sensor. When booting up it will go through several colors before settling on sold green which indicates - Testing your network is underway.

A complete first time system boot may take a few minutes, however, if the LED has not settled on a solid green there may be a lack of connectivity to our backend servers or there may be something wrong with the sensor configuration.

If after 15 minutes the LED has not changed to solid green, please reach out to support.

The various colors have the following meanings:

Purple: Powering on 

Blue: Booting

White: Software starting

White flashing: Software contacting our servers and checking for updates and new configuration

Green flashing: Waiting for configuration (by user on dashboard)

Green: Testing your network!

Yellow: Power outage

Orange: No connectivity to our backend servers on all interfaces (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and LTE) 

Red: Sensor issues

Green/Cyan flashing: Sensor is not assigned to your account

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