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How to set up Static IP configuration for a sensor and SSID

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The Cape sensor supports static IP address allocation in addition to DHCP support. You can use this option to configure a static IP on your sensor if your network does not have a DHCP server.

Find it here: 

  • Dashboard Settings

  • Sensor Config

  • Edit (pencil) 

  • Select Configure for an SSID

  • Select Static IP under Configure IP

IP configuration panels include:

  • IP address: the IPv4 address of the sensor.

  • Subnet Mask: the subnetwork mask of the IP address.

  • Gateway: the gateway or router to be configured for the sensor.

  • Primary DNS Server: the IPv4 address of the primary DNS server.

  • Secondary DNS Server: the IPv4 address of the secondary DNS server.

  • Search Domain: the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) used by the resolver to resolve a FQDN from a relative name

Note: You can hover over the titles in the modal to get more information.

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