We offer two forms of Slack application testing. The basic test doesn't require any extra information from you; the Cape sensor will test accessibility and timing to the public Slack API.

The real time messaging (RTM) API test will give you a better idea of what performance users can expect from Slack, but this requires a user or bot token to be generated.

The steps to generate a bot token are as follows:

  • Browse to https://api.slack.com/apps 
  • Click on Create New App button
  • For App Name  insert the name of your new app (e.g. 'Cape sensor app')
  • For Development Slack Workspace  select the workspace that you want to generate the token for (i.e. the one that will be tested)
  • Click the Create App  button
  • In the new window, click on the Bots  pane under the Add features and functionality  section
  • And then click on the Add a Bot User  button
  • You can change the display name and default username here
  • Click on the Add Bot User button
  • Click on Install App  link on the navigation on the left
  • Click on the Install App to Workspace  button then click Authorize  button
  • The tokens will be generated and you can copy the Bot User OAuth Access Token  and use it to set up a new Slack RTM API test on the dashboard.
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