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Audit your user actions
Audit your user actions

Get an insight into user dashboard actions

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

As an admin user, you can now audit user actions on our platform. This includes the actions of end users/customers, as well as developers and support team members. Auditing your user actions on our platform is now possible in four steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the settings page

Find the settings menu item on the top left navigation menu

Step 2: Navigate to the Audit section in Company Settings 

In the company settings, click on the general tab. The Audit log section is just below the Company details. Click here to navigate there

Step 3: Make an audit selection

Currently, you can view audit logs from the following options;

  • Last hour

  • Last day

  • Last week

  • Last month. 

If you would like to download an audit log longer than a month, please contact  us on

Step 4: Audit download

Once you make a selection, click on the download audit log button to download.  

This will notify you of your audit log request. The download can take just under a minute or under an hour depending on the selection criteria so be patient. Once the request is processed, you can save it on your system. The audit log is a CSV format. 

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