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May 27, 2019 - Wired upgrade
May 27, 2019 - Wired upgrade

Do more with your wired connections

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

Today we released a major upgrade to wired testing. If your sensors are connected via Ethernet, you can now test wired networks the same way you would test wireless networks. With this update, you can specify tests to run on the wired network interface the same way you would configure tests to run on different SSIDs.

Here's what’s new!

  • Configure your Network

  • Configure your Sensors

  • Configure your tests for Ethernet

  • Ethernet status overview

  • More Ethernet goodies

Let’s dig into these improvements with the new version of the dashboard.

Ethernet Status Overview

On the dashboard experience page under the services traffic light, we have added a new “Ethernet” status strip. This shows the relative status of your Ethernet connection. 

Hovering over the Services traffic light will also reveal high-level information with Ethernet details in it. 

Hovering over the Ethernet strip will reveal information about the sensors currently testing each network and alert information if available.

Clicking on the Ethernet strip will navigate you to the wired status page.

The Wired status page will display more information about the status of the Ethernet connection, including the percentage of sensors with different link speeds.

Configure your network

To get started with wired testing, you need to first configure these connections in the networks settings tab on the dashboard. In the settings panel, the first thing you will notice is that there is a “Networks” icon, instead of a WiFi icon.

The Networks page shows the configuration of both your wireless and wired network. This makes it easier to focus on what matters most in one place.

We have added two tabs, wireless config and wired config to provide clarity and make it easier for you to manage. In these dedicated sections, you can add and edit existing networks. 

Configure your Sensor

Once you have added your Ethernet config, you need to configure your sensor accordingly. In the sensor settings page in the sensor management table, we have added a column called “Networks” to show you what networks the sensor is configured too.

Once the sensor has been added to a particular config, your sensor will start to keep track of the metrics on this Ethernet connection. Click through from the sensor configuration to navigate to the sensor status page to reveal this.

The Ethernet status page now has an Ethernet block that keeps track of your connection link mode which is the link mode of your adapter. 

Configure your tests for Ethernet

You now have the ability to configure tests for Ethernet separately. In the testing page under the test configuration, there is a new section highlighting the wired connections. This lets you add tests to particular Ethernet connections or all Ethernet connections.

More Ethernet goodies

Wired testing will work like it has for wireless testing. Therefore this release will come packed with some of the existing functionality and new benefits.

  • Static IP on Ethernet.

  • Proxy on Ethernet.

  • Filter your wired connections.

  • Captive Portal support on Ethernet.

Static IP for Ethernet.

To date, our platform has been able to support static IP address allocation to sensors and SSIDs. With this release, you can now configure a static IP for a wired connection. Here is how;

Proxy on Ethernet.

You can now configure the proxy for an Ethernet connection. This allows for communication between the sensor and a service. This is particularly useful for environments that have security restrictions from a firewall.

Note: We released support for automatic proxy configuration.

Filter your wired connections.

In the last release, we introduced filters. “Live Filters” let you adjust what is displayed on the status dashboard so you can focus on what is important at any moment. You can now filter by Ethernet as well

Current limitations

This work is the first phase in a series of more wired updates to come. As a result, there are some caveats/limitations at the moment. These are some of the limitations that will be coming in a future release;

  • Setting wired-specific thresholds, and muting wired alerts are coming in a future release.

See all that's new...

For all User Experience Insight updates, see our updates page, otherwise get started with these new features today. 

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