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Onboarding - Thresholds - 5

When setting up thresholds, you need to decide what is best for your network

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The sensor constantly collects measurements and streams that data to the cloud application. Thresholds provide administrators the ability to set values that identify warnings and errors from normal operations. User Experience Insight has default values which can be adjusted as necessary.

Best Practice: Let the sensor collect data for a few weeks and refine the thresholds as necessary.

Thresholds apply to samples over a three sample rolling average. In addition, the rolling average from each sensor and configured network are evaluated against the thresholds individually. 

Thresholds are minimum or maximum value (established for an attribute, characteristic, or parameter) which serves as a benchmark for comparison or guidance and any breach of which may call for a complete review of the situation or the redesign of a system.

You can adjust, enable, or disable the following: 

  1. Wi-Fi Thresholds

  2. Network Thresholds

  3. Internal Thresholds

  4. External Thresholds

Wired Networks: Setting wired-specific thresholds, and muting wired alerts are coming in a future release.

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