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Navigating around your Dashboard - Settings
Navigating around your Dashboard - Settings
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Navigate to your SETTINGS PAGE (shortcut - 's')


  • General: Add test details; Group Management

  • Advanced: Ethernet Testing; WiFi Explorer; PCAP; Location of the sensor (hover over for description)

  • If looking at all sensors, click + for location and specific details.  Also, navigate to a specific sensor


  • Add SSID’s/Alias/Wired Networks and authentication methods.  Each sensor can support up to 4 networks.  Today 1 must be wireless.

  • Monitor specific bands: create aliases with band lock option set to 2.4GHz or 5GHz (Advanced)

  • Advanced: “External connectivity” disables testing, errors, and notifications related to external connectivity

  • All EAP: Note: 802.1x is an authentication mechanism the sensor acts as a supplicant and the actual server doing the authentication for the 802.1x connection is typically a RADIUS server

  • Proxy support

TESTING: Configure your network tests
The core tests are non-configurable, and they may run more often to triage root cause.
Test Configuration Pre-canned and Your Own Tests. 

  • Custom Webserver: Disable SSL validation

  • Custom VoIP: test to an internal/external IP address.  Select custom VoIP MOS testing 

  • Slack: real-time messaging API testing (gives metrics indicative of actual slack chat usage)

  • Telnet: Custom test against a Telnet server which will connect using Telnet (retail scanners)

  • General: general targets

  • Meraki AP & ZAP (Ruckus): Tests performance using the app as the endpoint

  • Groupings available:  All Tests do not need to be on all sensors

THRESHOLDS: Makes your smiley face smile

  • Configure thresholds, RSI, Bitrate, DNS, etc.  

  • It is advised to let your sensor collect data for a couple of days/weeks, then benchmark what is good/bad for your network, you can adjust the thresholds accordingly


  • Create “Mutes” Configure duration

  • Enable Weekly Report

  • Webhooks: support for Slack, Service Now, Iris Networks currently, also status API


  • Add Admin/Read-only (Filtering to specific groups/locations available)

  • Audit Log’s available (12 hours past data)

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