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NTLM proxy authentication

Authenticate your networks using NTLM

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

In a previous release, we added support for automatic proxy configurations to the User Experience Insight Dashboard. Today, we are providing support for NTLM proxy authentication. If you have needed your sensor to authenticate against a proxy server that requires NTLM, this is now possible on wired and wireless networks.

What is NTLM?

NT LAN Manager known as NTLM is a Microsoft proprietary Authentication Protocol used in Windows for authenticating between clients and servers. With this new feature, UXI sensors can now access a web server URL via a proxy that requires NTLM authentication.

How does NTLM work on the dashboard?

To configure NTLM on the dashboard, navigate to add or edit a network and under the Advanced section, you can find the Proxy configurations.

NTLM authentication can be configured with both Auto and Manual options.

Things to note:

  • UXI sensors will authenticate on a proxy server and not the destination URL

  • The UXI sensor does not support authenticating against servers i.e. if a Webserver test is configured on the dashboard for a target URL using any authentication method, the test will fail.

  • The UXI sensor only supports NTLM and Basic proxy authentication methods.

  • If you have enabled a proxy on your network, the sensor will by default not attempt to run ICMP ping or TCP ping tests. Read more about how proxies affect your network.

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