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Written by Josh Peters
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We are announcing an improved Dropbox Test experience for Aruba UXI users. Our previous Dropbox test implementation used the Webserver Test Template, a predefined connectivity test to www.dropbox.com evaluating ports 80 and 443, as well as ICMP ping. In addition, we generated and uploaded a random file to Dropbox and then downloaded the same file to get throughput measures. With our improved test, we have enhanced the way the Aruba UXI sensors do this Dropbox throughput test, making it safer and more secure.

How does it work?

The new Dropbox test implementation leverages OAuth and uses your own Dropbox account to do Dropbox Throughput testing. Setting up this integration generates a unique security token which is then used to authenticate with Dropbox to verify your identity and to allow Aruba UXI to upload the random file to a folder in your account, and to then download it.

Benefits of this approach

Dropbox leverages the OAuth2 specification and this is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Aruba UXI doesn’t store, transmit, or have access to your Dropbox credentials

  • Gives you control of your permissions as it allows you to authorise a limited set of permissions as well as revoke them

Configuring your Dropbox Throughput Test

Add a test:

  • Navigate to Tests Dashboard > Settings > Testing

  • Select “External” Service Category

  • Select “Predefined” Template Type

  • In the Test Template dropdown search for Dropbox

Connect to Dropbox:

  • Following the above steps will reveal the Dropbox options as shown below

  • Click “Connect Dropbox”

  • This will start the authentication process which will enable Aruba UXI to test Dropbox

Authenticate with Dropbox:

  • From here, you will be redirected to a Dropbox webpage

  • You need to log into Dropbox with your Dropbox credentials

  • Authorise Aruba UXI. In this case I have two Dropbox accounts, Personal and Aruba Networks which is the company I work for. Please authorise the one that applies to you.

  • Once authorised, you will be given a code that you need to copy and paste into the Add Test modal.

Start testing:

  • If all the above steps are followed correctly, you should be redirected to the Aruba UXI dashboard. If this is not the case, an error popup will show letting you know what actions you should take.

  • Configure the test to your liking

  • Click on the Add button to save it.

Now that your test has been added, the Aruba UXI sensors will perform throughput tests by periodically uploading and downloading a sample file, sized 1 MB or 5 MB, at a configurable frequency (between every 10 minutes and every 12 hours). At the selected frequency, throughput with www.dropbox.com is measured once. The dashboard provides reports on the throughput of the file transfers and notifies of any transfer failure.

Things to note

Valid Dropbox accounts are required to use this feature. 

  • If you cancel your Dropbox account for whatever reason, the Dropbox test will fail and will create issues in the dashboard. 

  • To solve this, you would need to delete and add your test again with new credentials.

  • Click on the red trashcan icon and select “Yes, delete” button

Aruba UXI sensors need permission to perform tests.

  • If you or someone in your team revokes permissions in Dropbox, the Dropbox test will fail and will create issues in the dashboard. 

  • To solve this, you need to login to Dropbox and provide permissions as detailed in this Dropbox permissions guide

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