We are excited to announce a series of updates to Aruba User Experience Insight which are available to you today at dashboard.capenetworks.com. The changes include; the introduction of an improved experience for Web application testing (in beta), Dropbox test and Generic web-hooks.

Let’s dig into the improvements in this new version of the dashboard.

Web Application Testing (in beta)

On top of testing a web server by checking port availability, SSL certificates, and HTTP status codes, Aruba UXI now enables you to get a deeper understanding of web application performance from the end-user perspective with the Web Application Testing framework.

Web application testing is currently in beta, sign up now.

Improved Dropbox Test

Early this year, we announced an improved Dropbox Test experience for Aruba UXI dashboard users. The new Dropbox test implementation leverages OAuth2 specification to do throughput tests providing you with more contextual user experience.

Generic web-hooks

Take control and automate your workflows to improve your productivity with our improved generic, service now and slack webhooks.

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For all Aruba User Experience Insight updates, see our updates page, otherwise, get started with these new features today.

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