We are excited to announce that you can now integrate UXI sensors with Aruba Central Cloud and On Prem! This API based integration lets you monitor a high level summary of UXI alerts on the Central Network Health Dashboard.

Setting up integration:

Prerequisite: Sensors have to be configured to test an SSID on an AP that is mapped to a physical site on Aruba Central.

  1. Log in to your Central Account

  2. Navigate to Account Home>API Gateway>System Apps & Tokens

  3. Click on +Add Apps and Tokens

  4. Enter an Application Name to easily identify where this token is being used. Select Application: Network Operations and click on Generate

5. Once the token is generated, note down the Client ID and Client Secret

6. Scroll down and click on Download Token to download and save the JSON file

7. Navigate to the APIs tab and note down the URL listed under Documentation

8. Log in to the UXI Dashboard

9. Navigate to Settings>Account>Integrations

10. Click on Link Central Account

11. Select Server Type: Cloud or On Prem.

12. For Central cloud accounts: Enter the Client ID, Secret, URL and upload the JSON file obtained from the Central dashboard and click Add

13. For Central On Prem:

Note: The following IP addresses (UXI Cloud backend) should be allowed to initiate API calls (port 443) to COP: , ,

Enter Client ID, Secret and Token File obtained while creating API token on the Central account. If your server is using a self signed certificate, disable SSL Verification. Else let it remain enabled.

In 5-10 minutes, User Experience will appear on Central’s network health map view and can be viewed by clicking on the site pins. Clicking on the User Experience alerts will redirect you to https://dashboard.capenetworks.com to dig deeper.

Things to note:

  1. This integration is supported on Central v2.5.2 and later

  2. Please do not re-use the generated Central Token for anything else

  3. The sensors will automatically sync with Central to be mapped to their respective Sites once every day. If a manual refresh is needed you can click on the refresh button on the UXI dashboard

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