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How To Factory Reset G5 & G6 Series Sensors
How To Factory Reset G5 & G6 Series Sensors
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The G5 and G6 series sensors support factory resets by means of a small button on the back of the device, as shown in the following picture:

When factory reset, the sensor will be returned back to the state in which it was first received, the so-called ‘factory default’. This means after having been reset, the sensor will need to go through its update and configuration retrieval process.

WARNING: When a factory reset is performed, data on the sensor not yet uploaded to the cloud will be lost. After the reset the sensor will go through its update process, and get configuration from the cloud again. Note that all data already visible on the Dashboard for the sensor, has been uploaded to the cloud and will not be lost when performing a factory reset. Also note that if the sensor has been configured via the Dashboard, then it does not need to be configured again. The factory reset does not affect or erase any data or settings on the cloud, only on the physical device.

Procedure To Perform A Factory Reset:

  1. Remove all power from the unit. For example, for UX-G5C, wait for the LED to turn off completely.

  2. With a small tool, such as a paper clip folded to have a straight end or a very small screwdriver, press-and-hold the button on the back of the unit.

  3. Whilst the button is pressed, apply power to the unit.

  4. On power-on the LED will be solid blue.

  5. Continue holding the button pressed until the LED flashes magenta/pink.

  6. The factory reset has been initiated, so the button can be released.

The sensor will perform the factory reset, which takes between five to eight minutes.

After the reset, the unit will reboot itself, and immediately proceed to try get connectivity and go through its own updated and configuration process.

If a sensor has been onboarded and/or configured via the Dashboard, then no user intervention is required beyond initiating the factory reset process described above.

Please be patient when factory resetting sensors. The update process and configuration retrieval can take some time, especially for UX-G5C and UX-G6C units relying solely on their cellular modems for connectivity.

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