User Experience Insight sensors run synthetic tests one at a time in a continuous round-robin sequence.

There are two types of issues observed in the dashboard which generate notifications:

  • Threshold Violations: If the sensor runs a test and gets a successful result, the test's measured value is reported to the dashboard. Threshold issues are generated based on a rolling average of measured data samples crossing a defined threshold. These thresholds are configurable by an administrator of the dashboard.

Example issues: High DHCP response time, High DNS lookup time.

  • Test Failures: If the sensor runs a test and does not get a successful result, the sensor will attempt to diagnose why the test failed in an automated triage mode. Triage mode will run a set of predefined troubleshooting tests to get the test failure's root cause.

Example issues: Gateway is unreachable, Primary DNS Failing, No Response from DHCP Server

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