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Wired-Only Testing
Wired-Only Testing
How to enable wired-only testing for your UXI sensor
Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

Wired-only testing is not officially supported. If you want to give it a try anyway, please send a request to support and request wired-only testing to be enabled for your dashboard.

WARNING - Make sure your ethernet network has connectivity to the required URLs for the sensor to function.

Once you have confirmation from support that wired-only testing is enabled, you will be able to remove the wireless networks from the sensor.

  • Go to Settings -> Sensors

  • Select the Pencil icon to edit the sensor configuration

  • Delete the wireless network(s)

  • Select the delete icon next to the Wireless Networks dropdown

  • Ensure a wired network is set

  • Select Save

Known limitations:

  • A sensor with wired-only testing will not appear on the map as the location is estimated based on the observed BSSIDs.

  • If you are using Aruba Central, a sensor with wired-only testing will not appear in Aruba Central Network Health View since the mapping is based on BSSIDs.

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