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Microsoft Teams VoIP MOS test
Microsoft Teams VoIP MOS test
Explanation of MS Teams VoIP Mean Opinion Score (MOS) test
Written by Mandar Ghogale
Updated over a week ago

Since Skype for Business Online was retired on July 31, 2021, we have introduced a new predefined Microsoft Teams Test, which tests TCP connectivity to the front door of the Microsoft network using the Microsoft anycast IP address (

We recommend replacing your Skype for Business test with this new test.

On VOIP MOS tests, DSCP tag 48 is mapped to VoIP traffic on Wi-Fi and DSCP tag 46 is mapped to VoIP traffic on Ethernet.

TCP Pings are typically blocked on a proxy network and therefore a VoIP mos test won't be executed on a proxied network unless the “Force TCP Ping” flag is explicitly set on that network’s settings.

How is the perceived MOS Score calculated?:

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