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Zebra Wireless Insights License And Feature Activation
Zebra Wireless Insights License And Feature Activation
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The UXI Agent uses the Zebra Wireless Insights service. This service runs on the Zebra device and provides the UXI agent roaming analysis, SIP call analysis and packet captures when synthetic test failures occur.

The Wireless Insights service is a licensed feature from Zebra and is not included in your Aruba UXI Agent for Zebra subscription. Contact your Zebra account team or partner for more information.

Zebra Wireless Insights License And Feature Activation

On each device, the Zebra license must be installed and the Wireless Insights feature must be activated. Zebra has documented these steps in their TechDocs Installation and Configuration sections.

For trial purposes, you can request a license for Wireless Insights from your Zebra Account team or you can use the pool of licenses Zebra provided Aruba for trial purposes described in the next section.

Zebra Wireless Insights Trial License

Zebra has provided Aruba a Wireless Insights license for our customers to use for trial purposes. Once this trial license is installed, it will be valid for 60 days and can be used on up to 20 devices. If you want extend a trial for a longer period of time or to include more devices, you will need to raise the request with your Zebra account team and they can request a license for you directly from Zebra.

When you are ready to start a trial of the Aruba UXI Agent for Zebra, please open a support ticket using the support chat box in the UXI dashboard or send a request to Support will provide you with the trial license and feature activation barcodes which can be installed and configured using StageNow. Scan the license barcode in StageNow before scanning the feature activation barcode.

In addition to the required URLs, if using the Aruba trial license you also want to make sure the following URL is reachable on the network the Zebra device is connected to -

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