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UXI Agent for Zebra - Synthetic Tests
UXI Agent for Zebra - Synthetic Tests

Learn about the synthetic tests the UXI Agent runs in the background

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

The UXI Agent for Zebra runs in the background on he device and runs low impact synthetic tests to measure what the end-user experience is like from the perspective of the handheld.

Synthetic Tests

The test cycle runs every 5 minutes and performs the following tests

  • AP Scan

  • Gateway reachability

  • DNS check (a check to see if the agent can resolve


  • PING

The agent only tests the network that it is connected to. You cannot change the network settings like you do for a hardware sensor.

You can assign the agents to groups and then assign test to groups and networks.

If the agent doesn't support an assigned test, the agent will skip it.

Test Failures

When a test fails, the hardware sensors go into "triage" mode to find the root cause of the test failure. However, since the Zebra agent has a smaller set of tests, you will not see any triage steps for synthetic test failures. It's recommended to have hardware sensors at the locations as well as the hardware sensors are dedicated testing devices that test multiple networks (wired and wireless) and do more complex tests. Together the hardware sensors and Zebra agents will give you a better view of how the user experience is at a location.

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