Users can now make hierarchy configurations using the dashboard.
Please contact UXI support at to enable this feature from the backend. Once enabled, you will see a new menu option called “Groups and Sensors” in the Settings menu. The legacy menu options are still present.

With the help of this hierarchy feature, you can:

  • Search sensors by group, serial, or name

  • Adjust the network columns using the filter

  • Add Sensors

  • View unassigned sensors (See when the sensor comes online, add networks for the sensor to test, click and drag a sensor into a group)

  • View and edit a group (see the current status and number of sensors in a group, rename groups, move groups under other groups)

  • View and edit sensors (rename the sensor, assign networks, click and drag the sensor to another group)

  • Add new groups (click and drag groups to parts of the hierarchy)

  • Drill down to sensor information (See where the sensor is on the map, view MAC addresses, and identify what networks are being tested)

Furthermore, once you begin to use the dashboard for this configuration, you must not use the legacy excel spreadsheet going forward. In addition, you should limit the number of levels to a maximum of 4 levels.

Known limitations:

  1. If you want to assign specific sensor groups to run specific tests, legacy groups are still used for the test configuration.

  2. No support for read-only users restricted to specific legacy groups.

  3. Filters on hierarchy groups have not been implemented under this page. You can work around this by filtering hierarchy groups into main smiley page.

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