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Sensor Hostname in DHCP Request
Sensor Hostname in DHCP Request

Send DHCP hostname in DHCP request for sensor identification

Written by Mandar Ghogale
Updated over a week ago

By default, the sensor uses its serial number as a hostname in the DHCP request packet under the DHCP option 12 hostname field. This can make the sensor hard to identify in the network monitoring tools where clients are identified using a DHCP request packet.

With this feature, the sensor can now use the hostname specified in the dashboard in DHCP requests. To enable this feature for your sensors, please contact the UXI support team by emailing

Please make sure the name in the dashboard is a valid hostname and it should not contain spaces or special characters. If the name set in the dashboard is not a valid hostname, the sensor will continue to use the serial number in the DHCP release packet while on Aruba Central clients list will display the last known valid hostname of the sensor.

You can configure the sensor name under Settings > Sensors > Edit sensor.

If you take on-demand pcap on the sensor and open DHCP request packet and expand to see the hostname field you should see hostname as follows:

Now in tools like Aruba Central, you may see the sensor name under the client's list like this (however sometimes the name displayed here depends on the network authentication method):

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