Aruba UXI Agent on ASP
Written by Josh Peters
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The Aruba UXI Agent is available on Google Play. This is the recommended way of installing the agent as this allows you to configure the agent through your MDM using Google Managed Configurations.

If you want to use the Aruba UXI Agent but your MDM is not integrated with Google Play, the Agent is also available for software download through the Aruba Support Portal (ASP).

If you are using the agent via ASP please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Each device needs to be provisioned manually. You do this by scanning the QR code with the built-in camera. For Zebra devices you can also use the built-in barcode scanner. Non-Zebra devices without a camera cannot be onboarded using the APK method. The only option for non-Zebra devices without a camera is to use the agent from Google Play and use the provisioning token with managed configurations.

  • For privacy reasons, the real device serial and mac address are not available to Android applications. The only way for the agent to get the real device serial and mac address is by using the agent through google play and Google managed configurations. Therefore, when you use the agent through ASP the actual device serial and mac address are not available.

Refer to the Local Installation and Configuration method described in the UXI Agent installation help article for instructions on how to obtain the QR Code.

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