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Throughput Thresholds
Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

You can enable thresholds on upload or download throughput test results. This can help you verify minimum speeds are met and identify when performance issues occur.

The throughput thresholds apply to throughput tests such as, Librespeed, Iper2, Iperf3, Zap and MerakiAP.

You can set the throughput threshold under Settings -> Thresholds. On the Threshold configuration page, locate the Internal or External categories and enable the Low Download Throughput and Low Upload Throughput. By default, these thresholds are not enabled. Note: If you are using Incident Detection, you will only see the options for the error threshold and not the warning threshold.

The threshold calculation is performed on a per sensor, per network and per service basis.

Throughput test results can validate a minimum throughput. In comparison to a laptop, the results from a sensor may often be lower as the sensor does not have the same hardware capabilities (CPU, memory), different Wi-Fi drivers and chipsets (the sensor has two spatial streams), different Wi-Fi signal strengths/MCS rates, there may be different settings to perform the test (the sensors use a CLI tool or API where a web interface on a laptop may use different options) and functions such as the continuous packet capture on the sensor may impact the sensors’ ability to achieve the maximum throughput. However, the results from the sensor are good to validate a minimum throughput.

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