UXI Agent for Android - Trial process

Trial process for Android agent

Written by Divya Rajpal
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Ready to start a trial for the UXI Agent For Android? Follow these steps:

  1. Download the agent from Google Play Store. Make sure that the android device has OS version 8 or above.

  2. Go to UXI dashboard > Settings> Select Sensors and Agents under Locations > click +Add. A popup will appear, in the pop up select Agent > QR code – scan the QR code

    From the device click “link to dashboard” which will open the camera.

  3. Remove the UXI Agent app from Android Doze Mode and Battery Optimization

    Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> Advanced -> Special App Access. From the menu select Battery Optimization. Select All Apps from the dropdown, scroll down to locate the Aruba UXI Agent in the list. Select Aruba UXI Agent and select Don't Optimize and click Done.

  4. To get the subscription key - contact support@capenetworks.com or simply click the chat button and let them know you need an agent subscription key applied to account XXX.

See it in Action here:

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