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UXI Agent for Android - Subscription Guide
UXI Agent for Android - Subscription Guide

Subscriptions required for Android Agent

Written by Divya Rajpal
Updated over a week ago

The solution consists of two parts:

  1. Software Agent - runs on the end user device

  2. UXI dashboard - hosted in cloud

Software Agent itself is free but it connects with UXI cloud to provide useful information regarding tests, issues etc. collected by it. Therefore, it needs a cloud subscription to connect and build that communication. These subscriptions are not tied to any particular device i.e. it's a subscription pool,

Number of cloud subscriptions = Number of user devices added to the dashboard

You only need one of the below mentioned SKUs depending on the term for UXI agent cloud subscription:

SKU Number



HPE ANW UXI Agent 1-year Cloud Sub E-STU​


HPE ANW UXI Agent 3-year Cloud Sub E-STU​


HPE ANW UXI Agent 5-year Cloud Sub E-STU​

Note: You can have an agent only dashboard.

Please contact us at or reach out to your sales team for further inquiries.

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