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Grace Period Activation and Expiry
Grace Period Activation and Expiry
Written by Kevin Shivhalo
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In this article you will find:

  1. Grace Period Activation

  2. Grace Period Extension

    1. Prolonged Grace Period Extension

  3. Grace Period Expiry


1. Grace Period Activation

Once your subscription period ends, you will be given a one-month grace period to retain access to your account while you renew your Cloud and/or LTE (cellular) UXI subscriptions, as per the small banner in the screenshot below, "All endpoints are no longer subscribed. Grace period ends in 1 month. REVIEW".

To renew your UXI subscriptions please follow the Subscription Expiry and Renewal Process.
Once you receive you received your new subscriptions from HPE, you must add them to your dashboard. If you are uncertain how to add your subscriptions, refer to point "4. Adding User Experience Insight Subscriptions to Your Account" on this article.

2. Grace Period Extension

If you would like to extend your grace period by one additional month, we would require one of the following:

  1. The reason for the delay

  2. Proof of purchase

  3. Approval from your Software Engineer(SE) and/or Account Manager

To extend your grace period, please contact:

  1. Support via or the chat bubble on the dashboard.

  2. Customer Success via

2a. Prolonged Grace Period Extension

If you would like to extend your grace period beyond two months, you would require approval from management. Your Account Manager and/or Software Engineer can assist you in acquiring approval for your grace period extension. A valid reason would be required to extend your grace period.

3. Grace Period Expiry

Should you decide not to renew your subscriptions prior to your grace period expiration, you will be locked out of your account, as per the screenshot below. A valid UXI Cloud and/or LTE subscription(s) will be required to unlock your account.

This article contains instructions on how to obtain access to your dashboard once your grace period expires.

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