The sensor uses the cloud to access our backend systems. This requires a certain level of internet access which can initially be gained by using Ethernet or the sensor's cellular mobile backhaul.

For best results, an Ethernet connection with the ports and IP's available as described below, is recommended.


When setting up the sensor on your network, and making use of an Ethernet connection to the sensor, it is important to allow the following in your configuration to enable the sensor to access our backend systems:

Ports that must be open: 80 & 443

IPs that must be reachable:

Cellular Mobile Backhaul

The sensor's cellular mobile backhaul provides it with connectivity in the event that Ethernet is not available. This however requires the sensor to be in a location where it has cellular signal, and is able to successfully access the cellular network. 

Due to the cellular network not being guaranteed to provide good coverage in all areas, we recommend using Ethernet connection for initial setup where possible.

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