Help Button is Missing!

If you can't see the help/chat button, an Ad Blocker or Tracking Protection setting may be preventing it from appearing.

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Our in-app help button is available to all logged in users at the bottom right of the browser window.

If you do not see the help button it is possible that it is being blocked by an ad blocker that has been installed or built into your web browser (e.g. uBlock, Ghostery, Adblock, NoScript, and Firefox Privacy Browsing mode). They all offer options to block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality impacting our in-app chat capabilities.ย 

If you have installed a JavaScript blocking browser plugin/extension that uses the EasyList or similar list you also may not see the button.

To see if this is the case and you would like the help button to appear, try disabling your ad blocking software on the dashboard or adding the site to its trusted sources. Alternatively to confirm the issue, you could also try a browser that doesn't have an ad blocker installed.

Note: it is always possible to contact us directly via email using

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