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Sensor Management

How to register and add sensors to your account

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

We’ve enabled self-service of sensor management as part of simplifying the activation process and adding new sensors to your UXI account. As part of the activation process, or even at a later stage, you can now add a new sensor device to your account straight from the dashboard, rather than contacting support or from a separate activation domain.

Users have the option of adding one sensor at a time, or adding multiple sensors at a time by uploading a .csv file. Let us know how that works.

To begin, you will need the serial number and MAC address of the sensor(s) you want to add to your account. If there are more than a few sensors, consider creating a .csv file for a bulk upload.

Step 1: Viewing the Sensors screen

Click on ‘Settings’ and navigate to the ‘Sensors’ page. Here you will see a list of configured and unconfigured sensors. When you purchase a sensor(s), it needs to be added to your dashboard account first. This process of adding a sensor(s) is what is described in the rest of this article. Unconfigured sensors are sensors that have been purchased and added to your dashboard account but have not been configured to test a network(s) or added to a group yet. Configured sensors are sensors you have already setup with group and network settings earlier.

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Step 2: Adding a single sensor to your dashboard account.

Note: If you are adding sensors in bulk, skip to Step 3.

To add a new sensor that you have purchased, gather its serial and MAC address as listed on the sticker on the back of the sensor and click on the "Add Sensor" button. Enter the Serial Number and MAC Address and click "Add".

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Step 3: Adding sensors in bulk.

Click on the "Add Sensors" button and then click "Add multiple sensors". You will need a .csv file with each row listing one sensor in the format Serial, MAC Address. Make sure it is formatted as shown in the screenshot below to avoid any errors while uploading. Click "Add".

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Step 4: View sensor(s) in the unconfigured list

Newly added sensors will show up in the ‘Unconfigured Sensors’ list. Click on the "Configure" (gear) icon on the right to configure the sensors with group and network settings.

Step 5: View sensor(s) in the configured list

Once configuration has been applied to a sensor, it will appear in the "Configured sensors" list. To remove a sensor from your account, you first need to remove its configuration. Once the sensor moves back to the "Unconfigured sensors" table, the sensor can be removed from the account entirely by clicking on the "Bin" icon and confirming the action.

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