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Subscription Management

Manage Cloud and LTE Subscriptions in your UXI Dashboard

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Subscription Management:

Q: How do I purchase more subscriptions or renew my expired subscriptions?

A: You need to contact your preferred Aruba Partner or account manager for a quote. Your partner needs to ensure they fill in the entitlement with your details as the end-user to ensure you receive the email with the new subscription key.

Q: Which date is the correct expiry date? The date in the top middle banner or the one on the new subscription management feature tab?
A: While we are implementing the new subscription management feature, the correct expiry date is the one in the top middle banner on your dashboard. This will be the expiry date until your renewal has been captured by our team. If you don't have your subscription key information, your preferred partner will be able to send you records of your subscription keys.

Q: Where can I get a copy of my subscription keys?

A: When you order subscriptions via your Aruba partner, they need to ensure your company name is entered as the end-user and your email is filled into the system. If they have not added your details, they should receive a copy of the subscription key and can forward it to you.

Q: What if I have missing subscription keys?

A: Contact your Aruba partner. If they have not filled in the correct end user name, the allocation would not have been successful. Once you have the key, you can add it to the dashboard, or contact support if you have any errors when associating it. There is a "Resolve" option available for missing subscriptions where you can either add a new key to add missing subscriptions or you can request that we contact you to discuss how to renew or order more subscriptions. In this option, you can select billing contact and enter their information with notes such that you can notify them about missing subscriptions that need to be purchased.

Q: What if I have one subscription key to cover sensors across multiple dashboards?

A: We do not have a mechanism to split subscriptions across multiple accounts, we suggest you move all sensors to the main dashboard and use the hierarchy feature.

Q: Do I buy a subscription for all my sensors or only the ones that I want to configure?

A: This feature allows you to be subscribed to only configured sensors. You only need to purchase more subscriptions if you want to configure more sensors.

Q: Do I need a cellular and cloud subscription for all my configured sensors?

A: When your subscription expires, your distributors/partner will need to re-order the appropriate SW SKU based on the subscription term desired. All LTE-enabled HW including Q9X6XA and R3S69A need to be covered by LTE and Cloud Subscription. For a non-cellular-enabled device - R3R67A, you only need a cloud subscription.

Q: Does NBD service or other Aruba Service Support Contract allow me to use the dashboard?

A: No, only a valid UXI Cloud and LTE subscription can give you access to the dashboard. When renewing any Aruba services, please ask them to add UXI Cloud and LTE subscriptions to the renewal to ensure you do not lose access to the dashboard.

Q: How do I renew my promotional sensors?

A: Contact your preferred Aruba Partner or Account Manager to order subscriptions.

Q: I am an Aruba Partner and I manage a customer's dashboard, what if I can't see the subscriptions?

A: Subscriptions are assigned to a customer's account based on the end-user information the partner filled in when ordering the SKU's. The subscription key would have been emailed to the bill-to/ship-to email address. If you have the HPE PO number we can look it up for you via support. If the partner has a partner account the subscription might have been allocated to the partner account. Contact support to move the subscription to the correct customer dashboard.

Q: When does the UXI subscription period actually start? When the sensors are added to the dashboard or when they're delivered?

A: According to entitlement terms - Aruba UXI Products: the subscription will activate at the earliest of the following dates: (1) The purchase date + 30 days (2) The switch-on date for new sensors (3) Renewals start on the date of the previous subscription expiry. However, we are aware of delayed shipping and give grace periods accordingly, please contact with the request.

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