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UXI Agent for Zebra Overview
Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

The Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) Agent for Zebra enables IT administrators and network operators to measure and troubleshoot the end-user experience from Zebra android-based handsets. The agent runs in the background and performs synthetic tests and collects passive voice analysis from real voice calls and detailed roaming analysis made available via the Zebra Wireless Insights service.

When combined with user experience measurements from UXI hardware sensors placed in strategic and fixed locations, the result is a unique and complete view of network and application health. The UXI cloud-based dashboard provides simplicity and depth to help measure network and application performance and troubleshot issues when they occur.

UXI can save you time by reducing the number of site visits, help you analyze the impact of software upgrades, and reduce the time spent troubleshooting outages to business-critical applications when they occur.

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