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UXI Agent for Zebra - Real SIP Call Analysis
UXI Agent for Zebra - Real SIP Call Analysis

Learn how the UXI Agent can collect SIP call information from the Zebra device

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

The UXI Agent uses the Zebra Wireless Insights service. This service runs on the Zebra device and provides the agent passive analysis results from real unencrypted SIP calls that took place on the device.

In order for the agent to collect this data, the Zebra Wireless Insights license must be installed and activated on the device. In addition the packet analysis performed by Wireless Insights for SIP analysis can only be performed on unencrypted SIP calls.

Configure the Voice Analysis Test

Here's how to setup the SIP call analysis test from the UXI dashboard.

Step 1: Make sure the Zebra agents are reporting test results to your dashboard and the agents are assigned to groups. The Voice Analysis test is hidden from the test menu unless Zebra agents are on your dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Settings -> Service and App Tests.

Step 3: Make your group and network selection for the test

Step 4: Select Add Test

Step 5: Select External -> Custom -> Voice Analysis

Step 6: Give the test a name, enter the port number, select the SIP protocol (TCP, UDP or both) and select Save

Test Results

As this test is displaying the results of real SIP calls, you will only have results from times unencrypted calls were being made. You will see two new charts.

  • VoIP MOS - the MOS score reported by the Wireless Insights service.

  • Wi-Fi Link Quality - the Wi-Fi Link score reported by the Wireless Insights service

If the MOS score is low and the Wi-Fi link quality is low, this likely indicates an issue with the call from where the device was. If the MOS score is low and the Wi-Fi link quality is high, this likely indicates the low call quality is due to the SIP server.

There is a known issue currently with the call count chart using the latest agent version 1.1.11 where it shows the total volume of messages, not the call count. We will look to improve this chart in a future agent update.

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