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Adding or editing users

Adding/editing admin or read-only users in your company

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You can grant anyone access to your company dashboard through the 'user' functionality on your settings page. 

Users can have two roles - admin or read only.

Users added as administrators have the same editing/viewing rights as you do. This means administrators can change settings, mute sensors or alerts and add/remove SSIDs, sensors and other users.

Read Only:
Read only users have no ability to edit the dashboard but can view all data and information gathered for your company. You can also give read only users either restricted or unrestricted access to your grouped sensors. This means you can group sensors by location and give the read only viewer restricted visibility into specific locations. 

Read only users cannot download any Raw Data, PCAP or info docs; unmute or mute sensors or alerts; edit, add or delete anything in the settings page and have no 'Users' panel in their settings to view/edit other user profiles. 

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To remove a user, simply click the edit pencil next to their name on the Users Setting Page and 'remove'. Deleted users will not be notified of this process. 

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