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User Experience Insight on the HPE Greenlake Cloud Platform - Frequently Asked Questions
User Experience Insight on the HPE Greenlake Cloud Platform - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for UXI on the Greenlake Cloud Platform

Written by Josh Peters
Updated over a week ago

What benefits will the Greenlake Cloud Platform provide?

Greenlake Cloud Platform provides UXI with a streamlined user experience and robust platform functionalities. This integration marks a significant step forward in simplifying and aligning the experience with other HPE products.

I already have a UXI dashboard account. When will my dashboard be migrated to Greenlake Cloud Platform?

We released UXI on the Greenlake Cloud Platform today with the intention that new UXI dashboards will be created in Greenlake Cloud Platform going forward.

For existing UXI dashboards, we are developing comprehensive tools to seamlessly migrate your sensors, subscriptions, and users to the Greenlake Cloud Platform workspace while preserving your test results and configurations. These migration tools are set to be available by late 2H CY 2024. Ultimately, our goal is to have all UXI dashboards seamlessly integrated into the Greenlake Cloud Platform by 1H 2025 giving you ample time to transition at your convenience.

It's important to note that each UXI dashboard can only be linked to one Greenlake Cloud Platform workspace. If you already have a UXI dashboard and create a new dashboard on the Greenlake Cloud Platform, they cannot be combined later.

How does UXI on the Greenlake Cloud Platform change the UXI product architecture?

The UXI sensor and cloud still operate the same way and are still managed by the UXI engineering team. We are simply using the Greenlake interface to provide a common experience for adding devices, users, subscriptions and login/launching the UXI application.

I use Central On-Prem, do I still need a Greenlake cloud platform account and workspace?

UXI will remain a cloud product, so you will need to use the Greenlake Cloud Platform to manage sensors, users and subscriptions and access UXI.

UXI is only for stand-alone workspaces. Can I add UXI to MSP Mode workspace?

At this time, UXI is only for stand-alone workspaces. We may have further updates for MSPs in the future.

Does UXI support Greenlake Zero Touch Onboarding?

Zero-Touch Onboarding helps add your purchased sensors and subscriptions to your workspace automatically. UXI does not officially support Zero Touch Onboarding, the current workflow is you need to add your sensors to the Greenlake Cloud Platform device inventory by specifying the sensor serial and ethernet MAC address and also add your subscriptions. For Zero-Touch Onboarding we need to understand and test with real customers to know areas where we can improve. Your account team will need to work with Greenlake TAC to establish all the necessary matching from purchase orders to workspaces.

Can I still create a new UXI dashboard outside of GLP?

Legacy dashboard creation can only be done via support request. Please also share the reason why you need a legacy account so we can understand the use case. In addition, please note that eventually, you will have to use the Greenlake cloud platform.

Would a new UXI dashboard created in GLP support China?

Not at this time. A new dashboard for use in China would need to be requested via support.

Are there any sensor models that are not supported on GLP?

The vast majority of sensors are supported on GLP. The only small subset of sensors that are not supported on GLP are the ones manufactured prior to the HPE acquisition with labels that say "Cape Networks" instead of Aruba or HPE on the product label and have sensor serial numbers that begin with superhero surnames.

Is there any functionality will be changed or deprecated with UXI on GLP?

  • SSO configuration is now configured on Greenlake and not directly in UXI. In addition, we will not be able to migrate SSO config to Greenlake cloud platform, SSO will need to be configured again.

  • The Switch Accounts option is no longer available within the UXI application. You can switch workspaces within Greenlake cloud.

  • The UXI Onboarding app for onboarding physical sensors via Bluetooth is not yet available for Greenlake Cloud Platform dashboards. We are working on an update to accommodate logging in through GLP for the Android app.

  • The legacy Status API Beta is not possible on Greenlake cloud. Today these API requests are authenticated as users, meaning when you look at your UXI dashboard under the Teams page you see a specific API user. In the Greenlake cloud platform, the user management aspects of the product will change where you don’t add your team members through the UXI application, you will do it through GLP and the API authentication mechanism for applications through GLP is completely different. We recommend all customers migrate to either webhooks or data push.

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