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Onboarding - The Onboarding Wizard - 1
Onboarding - The Onboarding Wizard - 1

What to expect before receiving and deploying your first sensor

Written by Mandar Ghogale
Updated over a week ago

UXI is now available for new customers on the Greenlake Cloud Platform (GLP). Check out the article Getting Started with User Experience Insight on the HPE Greenlake Cloud Platform and the Frequently Asked Questions for information.

This article will take you through the onboarding wizard to help you set up your UXI dashboard for the first time. Although this document will showcase the steps for dashboards using GLP, if you are using the onboarding wizard on a non-GLP dashboard, the key differences are where you add sensors and additional users.

Before you begin:

  • If you are using a UXI Agent, make sure the agent is installed on the device and ready to be provisioned.

  • If you are using a hardware sensor, make sure you power the sensor on and that the status light flashes green continuously. If the status light is solid orange with flashing cyan, this indicates the sensor does not have connectivity to our UXI cloud. In this event, you will need to plug the sensor into an unrestricted ethernet port that has access to the UXI required URLs. The sensor status light meanings and mounting installation instructions are in the sensor guide. When the sensor first connects to our UXI cloud, it will download its latest software before it is ready for use. This may take up to 20 minutes, depending on the connection speed.

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is where you initiate the onboarding wizard. You can choose to skip the wizard, which is not recommended but sometimes appropriate, especially if you know how to set up your sensor and plan to power it on later.

Only admin users can set up the dashboard. If you do not see this screen, you may not be an admin user of UXI.

Onboard your Sensor

The first option is to decide whether you are onboarding a UXI sensor or UXI agent. Choose your selection, then click Next.

If you choose Agent, you will be presented with a QR code to scan on your agent.

If you choose Sensor, you will be prompted to select a sensor you have added to your GLP inventory and assigned to the UXI service. If you have a sensor in your GLP inventory and you do not see it here, the root cause is likely that you did not assign the sensor to the UXI service. Make sure the sensor status light is flashing green, otherwise you will be taken through troubleshooting steps.

SSID Creation

This section does not apply to agents. The first SSID you connect to for onboarding will be automatically created.

For sensors, you need to create the SSID in UXI so the sensor can connect to it and begin testing. The SSID list may take some time to populate as it relies on the sensor uploading a list of SSIDs it sees. You can also specify the SSID manually.


Select three or more of our pre-defined tests you want to run from this sensor. You can always add or remove more tests later. Then select Ready to Test

Setup is Complete

You have now completed the setup wizard. Your sensors and agents will begin reporting results to our UXI cloud in 5 to 10 minutes. Select Go to Dashboard.

Additional Information

Once on your dashboard, look for the three dots in the top right corner to access the dashboard settings, see whats new, access the help articles, request features and log out.

If your dashboard uses GLP, you will also see a Greenlake banner at the top of the page. Select the Greenlake Icon on the far left to navigate back to the Greenlake cloud.

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