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RMA Process, Warranties, and EOL Information for UXI sensors
RMA Process, Warranties, and EOL Information for UXI sensors

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Written by Mandar Ghogale
Updated over a week ago

When you see the UXI sensor fails and you cannot troubleshoot the problem please contact the UXI support team via email or chat bubble. In most cases, a pre-paid shipping label is included as part of the RMA so the faulty unit can be returned. Once the UXI support team performs the below checks with help of the customer and determines the device hardware is in a faulty state, they can process RMA and send out a replacement device.

Troubleshooting before RMA

Before performing RMA, the UXI support team will need to verify that some basic troubleshooting checklist has been performed with the customer.


For F-Series:

  • Pre-G5 Series: KH4, KLR, or KLQ in sensor serial

(For steps 2 - 4 the customer should reconfirm the color of the LED as in 1.)


  1. Confirm the color of the LED. Refer to the above table.

  2. Try unplugging the sensor and leaving it for 30-60 seconds for the supercapacitors to drain, then plug it back in.

  3. Plug the sensor into unrestricted Ethernet.

  4. (If possible) Plug a known-to-be working sensor into the same Ethernet network as that sensor and demonstrate that the other works and this one doesn't.

  • NOTE: F-series sensors DO NOT have a factory reset option. They can be power cycled only but not factory reset.

For G5- or G6-Series:

  • G6 Series: KYV or KYT in sensor serial

  • G5 Series: KSN or KRY in sensor serial


  1. Confirm the color of the LED. Refer to the table above.

  2. Power cycle the sensor. For cellular variants, wait for the LEDs to go off to indicate the power backup has fully drained.

  3. If the problem persists after performing a factory reset, reach out to UXI support.

RMA information:

Once UXI support confirmed the sensor needs hardware replacement, support needs the following information from the customer:

Serial number:
one device MAC Address:
Company Name:
Shipping Address:
Zip Code:
Contact person’s name:
Telephone number of the contact person:
Email address of the contact person:
Confirm the Defective Product Serial:

What to do when you receive a new sensor?

When a customer receives a new unit they need to have it added to their account and onboarded. They can remove the old sensor and add a new sensor from Settings > Sensor > Add sensors.

Once you add the same networks and the same testing group on the new sensor it should start testing just like the older one.

What happens to subscriptions? will my old sensor subscription transfer to the new one?

UXI uses a pooling method for subscriptions. Your dashboard requires an equal amount of subscriptions and sensors. If you request to RMA a sensor, it is removed from the dashboard. The replacement sensor will use the available subscription.

For warranty information please refer here:

For EOL information please refer here:

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